Ygritte came with him, which always made Styr frown, but whenever he tried to dismiss her she would remind him that she was a free woman, not a kneeler. She came and went as she pleased.

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clone club + emojis 

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Sofia Vergara reads mean tweet.

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"Have you nothing to say in your defence?"

"Nothing but this…"

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Bryan Cogman: Now I think Sansa gets a bad rap. I’m gonna address some critics of Sansa. She is one of my favorite characters, and I have great affection for her as a character. […] Some people find her behavior annoying and selfish, but she’s a kid, she’s a teenage girl, you know, and… 

Kit Harington: I have to agree with you. I really like Sansa in the books. I have no objections to her at all. I think she’s misguided in a lot of ways, but she’s by no means, in any way, lesser than any of the other children. I think she does some brilliant things in the books, like when she stands up to Joffrey with the dismembered heads. I love that moment. 

— “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things” audio commentary (S1xE4)

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"We [the cast of ‘Teen Wolf’] are goofy kids. We’re unprofessional. We’re funny. We’re smart, clever and sexy and beautiful. I’m just talking about myself. I’m not talking about the rest of the cast."

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teen wolf meme (1/4 werewolves): erica reyes

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The women are the strong ones, truly. 

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